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Fundamentals of Drawing Class

A fundamental look at drawing with charcoal.  We will be working on composition, scale, value and lighting.  Our class will utilize white objects and direct lighting to create a dynamic contrast on the subject.  We will be using composition to gather the details of the drawing as a whole.  We will be working with our drawing tool as a measuring tool for scaling the piece to its background.  Value and lightning go hand in hand as we create volume by drawing without the use of harsh outlines with dark shadows.  The class will be a take on fundamental drawing, as a foundation for further learning.

Brandon has worked as an artist in many different mediums for over a decade.  He achieved Associates Degrees in both Fine Art and Graphic Design Housatonic Community College. He started in his spare time using 3D models and creating digital renderings as comics.  He has also painted murals, clothing and canvases.  His most recent work, called Tecopa Mineral Composite, he donated to the Shoshone Historical Museum, just south of Death Valley.  He currently works in acrylic, but also enjoys inks, pencil and paper, leather work and much more.