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Custom Orders

Artsy Parts' mission is to focus on making it possible for those who think they can't create to discover they can, to help the local community efforts that benefit us in areas of greater need through regular support of causes and providing quality service to those who want to contribute to that endeavor by spending locally. Artsy Parts is equally mission driven for Artists.

We want to give artists as many ways as possible to support their work through teaching, consignment of their art in our shop, and by brokering for them when someone has a special custom project. As part of a full service community effort, when you have a project that needs doing we know the person who is just right to give you personal attention and create your one of a kind piece.

Artsy parts creates a custom order with your specific details, and contacts the perfect artist who is able and willing to consider the job to your standards. Negotiations are handled by us until you and your artist agree on the details and have a clear understanding of each person's role in the custom order agreement. After the successful completion of your unique work of art, you can choose to work with that artist again, at any time, on any project by communicating directly with the artist.

Customer service is a big priority for us; we want artists to have customers that last a lifetime and we want patrons to be thrilled not only with their piece but with the process it took to get it. Let us find the right person for you!