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Create Joyously!

We are all born with Artsy Parts!
Artsy Parts inspires creativity even when you think you have none. Come into our center any time you want to hang out and create with friends, be inspired, and maybe get an on-demand lesson or take a class!

Our community is broad, from local folks to visitors! We support local non-profits with fundraisers once per month. We have open studios for any medium. We can have creative packages available for your rental or weekend cabin. We can order just about anything you are looking for to create with, and happy to meet prices you find elsewhere. We can help you market your skills and products as an artist with a wider reach, and broker custom work. We can help you find the right artist for your personal or business projects.

Artsy Parts is a creative community center, studio, gallery, learning center, and art supplies store. We rent studio space for artists to work or teach, or for artistic private parties. We have two galleries to inspire you, or to sell your work in. We have many, many classes in many creative disciplines. We have art supplies of many kinds, at quality and prices from economy to professional.

We aim to improve your life through creativity and encouragement; it's the process not the product.

Our mission, painted hands

About Artsy Parts

Life is more joyous when you are creative!
Artsy Parts is a Studio, Gallery, Learning Center, and Art Supply Store. We are a community and customer centered space for teachers, students, and artists, and we are a member of the Calaveras County Arts Council. We provide supplies in many media for you to try, and to buy, at prices and qualities that you want. We provide classes in many mediums. We also rent studio space to artists and for any occasion to community members. You should stop in to enjoy the gallery full of local art, or do a DIY lesson, or just hang out in the social space with friends.

We want to inspire those who think they can not be creative, and foster an environment for those who are already creating. We believe that creativity is a necessary part of life, giving peace while you create that flows over into the handling of the rest of life's challenges. We provide classes of all kinds and at all skill levels and pricing that suits all budgets. Our classes are offered on demand, or by arrangement; and our schedule offers so many times and days that there is sure to be one that fits your calendar.

We provide a space that inspires artists to learn from each other. We hold a regular open studio party that is free for all to show their work, share their skills, and inspire others to be creative. We also rent studio space to artists who want to practice their craft, or to those who want to teach a class. We are also happy to provide our studio space for parties or other meetings.

We support our local community of creators and provide space for their works, and hope to lead you to their businesses. We believe that a career in creative pursuits is possible, and provide connections between artists and prospective clients. Come see their work at our gallery, or here in our store. We are also happy to connect you to someone who has the skills you are looking for, whether it is for a personal, home, or business project.